You’re special.

You know that, right?


You know you’ve got a voice to be heard and a song to share!



Throughout every stage of my education I had someone try to tell me I would never be enough and that I should quit.  Thankfully, for every example of discouragement, I had someone show up to say, "yes you can".  I want to be that voice of empowerment for you.  

Dr. Amy Canchola

Different things push us to look for a voice teacher.


...Maybe you want a role in the upcoming musical.


...Maybe you want to finally sight-read with confidence.


...Maybe All-state choir, Solo and Ensemble Contest, and elite performance groups are calling your name!

...Maybe you’ve got the belting blues and can’t figure out how to wail past that tricky spot or 
you’ve got the restricted range and can’t access those higher notes that you know are in there.


...Maybe you long for vocal versatility but feel lost in tired old techniques.

Whatever brought you here, there’s a way forward, and we can find it together.

If you are ready to take your existing art to the next level of greatness, want to sound authentic to whatever style you’re singing, and 
want a teacher who believes in you and values your vision,


                             we could be perfect together!


Just like you, I love to sing. Always have. I know what it’s like to be told that I’m not good enough, that I should stop singing, and that I should give up.


Mine is a story of perseverance. I needed to make music. So I kept singing, no matter who told me to stop. And this beautiful art form has taken me so many places. From the audition circuit in New York all the way to the Dallas suburbs...and I’ve learned so much along the way that I want to share with you.


In this studio? You have support. You have your own personal cheering section. You have access to my decades of degrees and my hard-earned experience in the studio and on the stage. You have a voice professional who is dedicated to developing artistic outlets just for you. You have a travel companion on the long road of learning to sing.


If you want to sing, let’s sing.


You don’t need to wait for someone to tell you you’re good enough.


You’re ready. Now.

We will work hard, you will be polished, knowledgeable, and well-prepared.  You will also be supported, feel seen and heard, and encouraged.


Those who wish to sing always find a song. I’d love to help you find yours. 

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